The Logo Story

Hi All

The logo of trentcom is another interesting story that i wanted to share with you all.

when we started we urgently felt a need to have a logo as a logo is something that you would want to be identified with. There were so many things that we were doing at that time that sitting and spending a lot of time to come up with a logo was the last thing that was up our minds so we though of an easy shortcut way. we searched the internet and found out some websites where one can look up for the logos, as usual we searched for many logos and finally decided on the following one

of course we had our own logics to have this as we wanted to tell all our esteemed client to express loud and thus get noticed but that thing was eternally going through the minds that this is not what represents us.

When all other usual formalities of setting up of the company finished like having a website, registering the company, renting out the place , having the workforce in place etc finished we revisited our logo and unanimasouly said NO WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR LOGO, that is from where we embarked on this exiting journey of finalizing our logo.

The first good thing that had happened was that our sweet bully joined us, SWATI(Bully is the name she likes to be called with), She is a BFA & MFA thus a trained soul in visualizing and that was really great for us.

IMG_20140722_123025 IMG_20140722_123012


so we had meetings with bully where we discussed what the company is , how we started , what is our vision and mission, what we essentially do  and so on and so forth. that was the launch pad for her and the first thing she did was create some doodling which could signify our logo, here are they(I am putting only a few of them though she created more than 40 Scribbles)

Logo 1 Logo 2

So based upon these rough illustrations we selected a few of them to be finalized, one thing that we were clear about was that we are going to have Orange and Blue colors as our dominent colors in the logo one signifying the warm colors of color wheel and other the cool colors of color wheel(We have tried the same theme in our office also, you can see it in the furniture where bully is sitting).

We selected a few of the options and tried to do a bit of finalizing with colors, here are they

Tc-logo-1 Tc-logo-3 Tc-logo-5 Tc-logo-8 Tc-logo-9 Tc-logo-10 Tc-logo-11

One of these which was of particular interest to us all was


so this is from where the logo of the company started to take shape, now we thought why not have the horizontal bar of T to be more circular which will add more value rhythmically


we also thought that lets add the icons of internet, video and print but decided against it eventually


This logo had given us enough thought to think how we should move ahead and we thought of being bit more creative. we all decided to give a message that we at trent communications provide the solutions which require camera so we used the lens and created the knob like handle found in the old film based cameras and we also do a lot of content writing so we twisted the T and C in a fashion that signified the camera and we do a lot of content writing as well may it be for a TVC, print or web so we went ahead with writing the name in free hand fashion and VOILA….. we had our logo.

Heres the final Logo of trent communication




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