The Photoshoot and ramp show story

Hi all we are going to start this new section on our website where we will discuss the challenges, interesting occurrences that keep happening in our days works. in that series today we are going to talk about a recent ramp show we did for a client which was followed up with a photoshoot for the same client. The client is into ethnic indian wears primarily manufacturing and marketing Lehngas, suits and sarees. we do quite a lot for the client ranging from doing photoshoot, making graphics, making website, digital promotion of his website etc. in the nutsheel we provide him with the branding solutions. In that series there was a new store opening at east delhi. this event was to be followed up with a ramp show. we created a backdrop, arranged for the models, the videography and the photography and the general stage erection for them. Banda_opti This show was compered by beautiful anshu and we are thankful to her for one big reason as there was some delay happening in the models to get ready and during that time she kept the audience busy with her extempore interaction with the audience, kudos to anshu for that Ans_opti The models were great to do the ramp walks and we also clicked some pictures for use of the client, thanks to bandagi, nupur and anshu for doing the honors of modelling


Expo2 Expo3

infact thanks to the entire team which got involved into executing this 10175024_713814145327558_1562224634432707723_n taking inspiration from our great showman subhash ghai, i also did a cameo…. pl enjoy or at least i enjoyed it thoroughly 10155952_713814375327535_1562862446404604780_n   Coming to photoshoot which we did for the client, there was an intresting challenge in here which was doing the photoshoot in a flat, this was quite a good big flat. we used the hall to make the shooting floor. in the picture below you can see how we removed the ceiling fan and installed a portable backdrop and lights to make a shooting floor. Shooting-floor Many thanks to rohit(photographer) and varun(one of the directors at trentcom), who very ably wore the production director’s shoes for the two days Var_roh The other two rooms one was made the make up room and another was made the changing room. you can see amod (assistant of our beloved raju who took up makeup job)along with ravneet makeup Heres raju doing the makeup 10404868_590822604365016_6770637734711150342_n   I have to thank the innovative head of rohit to provide for the music during the shoot when he connected his phone to the amplifier and then our beloved youtube helped our models to keep in rhythm. We had beautiful ravneet, meezu and richa for modelling IMG_8461_opti IMG_9734_opti IMG_9796_opti




Our friend TJ is doing the retouching and the client is all happy


cheers……….. wait for more such to come